ProTech Medical QS-TVS Tri-Tab Vest & Skirt, Premier 0.35mm LE

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QS-TVS Tri-Tab Vest & Skirt, Premier 0.35mm LE

QS-TVS Tri-Tab Vest & Skirt, Premier 0.35mm LE

Product ID: QS-TVS


Tri-tab Vest & Skirt - Premier 0.35mm LE - Black Silk Exterior/Indigo Interior

Protech's quality and craftsmanship are fully demonstrated in this ultra light-weight two-piece, back support apron. The tri-tab vest shifts weight from the shoulders to the hips by utilizing a professionally designed elastic back system. When your velcro tabs are engaged the elastic "flexes" your apron's weight burden off your shoulders, relieving your back and providing long-lasting, superior comfort. The skirt features anti-slip fabric on the inner panel for a comfortable, secure fit.
Our premiumquickship aprons include:

  • Premier Lead-Free, Lead-Free, or Ultralite Lead materials
  • Same Day Shipping (on orders placed before 12pm) or within 24 hours
  • Thyroid Collar
  • Pocket
  • CoolGuard Anti-microbial Fabric that is also fluid proof and stain resistant
  • Adjustable Buckles (on skirt)
Included Add-ons:
  • Flex Elastic - A flexible, stretch material, usually found in the back of an apron, which allows the apron's closure mechanism to "flex" away the apron's burden by shifting weight from your shoulders to your hips; thus relieving your back.
  • Anti-slip Fabric - A specialized grip material sewn into the skirt that reduces apron slippage; enhancing comfort and improving the overall fit of your apron.
Radiation Protection
  • Core Material Options - Premier Ultralite Lead-Free (PR) - Our lightest and most protective material
  • Front Lead Equivalence - 0.35 Lead (Pb) Equivalence
  • Back Lead Equivalence- 0.25 Lead (Pb) Equivalence
Lead Protection Options
  • Standard Lead (USA ASTM and EU IEC compliance)
  • Our standard lead option is the heaviest of the four core materials we offer. Though heavy, pure lead vinyl is the most affordable material and consistently provides protection over a wide range of kVp.
  • Light-Weight Lead (ASTM Compliance)
  • Over 10% lighter than standard lead. Our light-weight lead provides protection equal to traditional lead aprons while providing an excellent reduction in weight.
Ultralite Lead(ASTM Compliance)
  • A trade secret blend of lead, antimony, bismuth, and additional attenuating elements all perfectly combined in one homogeneous, ultra lite weight layer. Ultralite lead is within 1% of Lead-Free's weight, yet is more affordable and protective due to its lead content.
Lead-Free(ASTM Compliance)
  • Our lead free vinyl is 20% lighter than lead and 10% lighter than light lead. It is environmentally safe and can be disposed of through normal waste procedures.
Premier(ASTM Compliance)
  • Premier vinyl represents a breakthrough in core material technology. Premier is lead-free, 30% lighter than lead and 8 - 10% lighter than our lead-free material. Premier is ideal for long procedures. When compared to competitors, Premier has no equal.
Bilayer(USA ASTM and EU IEC compliance)
  • Bilayer is a proprietary, multi layer configuration comprised of Antimony and Bismuth. Together, these elements meet new IEC 61331-1 standards and properly block x-ray from 50 kVp to 150 kVp. Protech's bilayer material is lead-free, light-weight, and disposable. Due to the prevailing standards in the USA, Bilayer will be more expensive and slightly heavier than an ASTM (US) compliant lead-free apron.