ProTech Medical AP-VS Vest & Skirt Buckle Closure Apron

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AP-VS Vest & Skirt Buckle Closure Apron

AP-VS Vest & Skirt Buckle Closure Apron

Product ID: AP-VS


The vest & skirt is Protech's signature apron. The two-piece design reduces back fatigue by shifting 70% of the weight directly to the hips. The vest features two 0.50mm Pb panels that create a 1.0mm overlap and the skirt comes standard with a premium non-slip fabric in the back. CE marked.

Included Apron Features:

  • Thyroid Collar
  • Embroidery
  • Pocket
  • Print fabrics
Included Add-ons:
  • Anti-Slip Fabric - Located in the back of the skirt, our premium quality anti slip fabric improves the fit of your apron by providing extra grip.
  • Buckle Set - Multiple buckle closures located on the vest & skirt pieces which provide additional adjustability for a more secure fit.
Optional Add-ons
  • Auxiliary Wings - Auxiliary wings can be added on to your aprons' armpit area. Wings are especially important for women to cover breast tissue that resides in their upper chest/armpit area.
  • Side Extensions - The side extensions add-on increases a front protection apron's coverage around your hips. The apron is widened around the leg/hip area to provide additional lateral protection from x-ray exposure.
  • Skirt Pocket - Additional, large pocket on the skirt.
Radiation Protection
  • Front - Standard 0.50 Lead (Pb) Equivalence
  • Back - Standard 0.25 Lead (Pb) Equivalence
  • Core Material Options - Lead (ST), Light Lead (LW), Ultralite Lead (UL), Lead-free (LF), Premier Lead-Free (PR), Bilayer (BI)
  • Lead Equivalence - 0.50, .35, and .25 (Pb) LE

Lead Protection Options
  • Standard Lead (USA ASTM and EU IEC compliance)
  • Our standard lead option is the heaviest of the four core materials we offer. Though heavy, pure lead vinyl is the most affordable material and consistently provides protection over a wide range of kVp.
Light-Weight Lead (ASTM Compliance)
  • Over 10% lighter than standard lead. Our light-weight lead provides protection equal to traditional lead aprons while providing an excellent reduction in weight.
Ultralite Lead(ASTM Compliance)
  • A trade secret blend of lead, antimony, bismuth, and additional attenuating elements all perfectly combined in one homogeneous, ultra lite weight layer. Ultralite lead is within 1% of Lead-Free's weight, yet is more affordable and protective due to its lead content.
Lead-Free(ASTM Compliance)
  • Our lead free vinyl is 20% lighter than lead and 10% lighter than light lead. It is environmentally safe and can be disposed of through normal waste procedures.
Premier(ASTM Compliance)
  • Premier vinyl represents a breakthrough in core material technology. Premier is lead-free, 30% lighter than lead and 8 - 10% lighter than our lead-free material. Premier is ideal for long procedures. When compared to competitors, Premier has no equal.
Bilayer(USA ASTM and EU IEC compliance)
  • Bilayer is a proprietary, multi layer configuration comprised of Antimony and Bismuth. Together, these elements meet new IEC 61331-1 standards and properly block x-ray from 50 kVp to 150 kVp. Protech's bilayer material is lead-free, light-weight, and disposable. Due to the prevailing standards in the USA, Bilayer will be more expensive and slightly heavier than an ASTM (US) compliant lead-free apron.