Pedigo P-2210 Blanket Warmer Elite

Category: Stainless Steel Equipment | Subcategory: Fluid & Blanket Warmers

P-2210 Blanket Warmer Elite

P-2210 Blanket Warmer Elite

Product ID: P-2210


Blanket Warmer Elite Series


  • Radiant Heat Technology
  • Fully insulated
  • 125 VAC
  • No lint traps
  • No fans or other moving parts
  • 4-digit L.E.D. display
  • Easy, hands-free door release
  • Built-in speaker for audible feedback
  • Adjustable temperature range of 90°F - 160°F (32°C -71°C)
  • Built-in control button lock-out feature
  • Door is fully gasketed and hinged on the right side of the unit
  • White epoxy-coated steel interior insert & exterior casing
  • Single pane energy efficient e-coated glass window door allows inventory observation
  • A warming shut-off system, separate from the electronic control, prevents overheating
  • Efficient, balanced heating system allows for low energy consumption and minimal heat loss

Overall Size: 18-1/2"W x 22-13/16"D x 21-15/16"H

Compartment Size: 2.5 cubic ft. (14-1/2"W x 18-1/2"D x 14-5/8"H)