Select Surgical Quality Assurance


Select Surgical is a division of AMG Equipment that partners with ACS, hospitals, and health facilities to recover costs by purchasing unused or unneeded, in date surgical surplus and equipment. We provide a cost savings solution for purchasing quality surgical products.

Select Surgical is driven by the need to help reduce the overall cost of health care with confidence. As reimbursements continue to shrink, we want to do our part to help see cost savings upfront. To maintain quality control, Select Surgical has put guidelines in practice when dealing with supplies.

Each item is inspected to ensure it meets quality standards. Our inspection process includes and is not limited to the following

  1. Each item is thoroughly inspected to ensure package integrity. Packages are inspected to make sure that it is clear from any tampering or damage.
  2. Our Scanning System allows us to tie directly into the FDA database to verify each individual item has been registered with the FDA.
  3. Select Surgical reviews each lot number to make sure the product has not been impacted by a recall. We track all items by lot number and expiration date. We have recently developed a system that will allow you to extract every item used for our customers to put the data they need into the EMR or EHR.
  4. Select Surgical inspects every package to ensure that the sterile seal has not been compromised or tampered with.
  5. When the items are received in, we physically check to see if there are any temperature indicators that have been compromised and reject any item if there are signs of damage.

Products are all stored in a temperature-controlled setting that meet best practices that align with ARON and Joint Commission.

Items remain 6 inches off the ground and 18” from the ceiling. We rotate our products and conduct daily cycle counts. Equally, our system allows us to have real time analytics to identify upcoming expiring items.

Once products are logged into our ERP, we have a temperature monitoring system implemented that is monitored continuously. Relative humidity is always the fun part. We recognize that different items require different storage requirements. We work to make sure we are storing those items to proper standard.


When a recall alert is received or identified, Select Surgical sends out notification to the purchasing facility alerting them of the recall.

For all surgical facilities, any item(s) that are apart of a voluntary or Mandatory recall from a Manufacturer or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), we will replace the product with the same product not impacted by the recall if available. If supply is not available, we will credit the customer’s account for equal value