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ScanUDi is Select Surgical's inventory solution.

Inventory Medical Device Tracking Accuracy with ScanUDi

ScanUDi is the all-in-one solution for automating your medical device inventory while helping to automate your surgical inventory. Automatically capture, parse and format each medical device’s UDI and virtually any 1D/2D barcode in any condition. It all happens with point-and-shoot simplicity and advanced decoding algorithms that automate the entire process, so there’s no interruption to your scanning workflows.

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By using ScanUDi by Select Surgical, hospitals will be able to use UDIs to more efficiently and accurately identify Medical devices used on patients, as well as help prevent and/or respond to adverse events. ScanUDI automatically scans, deciphers, formats, and sends unique device identifiers (UDIs) , storage requirements and more directly to our easy to use interface. Allowing for integration into EHR or MMIS system.

Automate Your Inventory With ScanUDi By Select Surgical.

ScanUDi provides healthcare professionals to access technology to provide insights to their on-hand inventory. With one scan, our technology instantly captures critical product information, all while providing actionable reports and analytics.