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Lexa Comfort Mobile Lift

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Human Care Lexa Comfort Mobile Lift

Lexa Comfort Mobile Lift

Product ID: L500

The Original LEXA bariatric battery-powered lift is an absolute multi-talent among lifts. It is a very comfortable belt lifter, which, due to its swivel spreader bar, has many capabilities and applications. The lift offers motorized patient positioner and leg spreading and is available with either a wide variety of lifting slings.

For instance, it can easily take up patients sitting, lying, or from the floor and move them easily and safely to a sitting or lying position so they can be transported gently and comfortably to the toilet, to the wheelchair, or to the bed. The swayfree transport also conveys a feeling of security. 

Everything can be done with a user-friendly electronic hand held control that allows the caregiver to properly focus on patients. Unique Safety Features make the LEXA Patient Lift stand apart from other.