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Lexa Pro Electric Floor Lift

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Human Care Lexa Pro Electric Floor Lift

Lexa Pro Electric Floor Lift

Product ID: 92501

Electric Patient Floor Lift

The Lexa Pro floor lift features electronic positioning, legs and mast. It can accommodate a wide variety of sling types and it’s unique design ensures that the sling does not ”slide” under a patient when in use. Patients can be lifted from a seated or prone position from a chair, bed or even the floor. The swayfree arm ensures the patient feels safe and secure every step of the way.

The Lexa Pro’s unique safety features set it above all other floor lifts with a braking safety mechanism incorporated in the lifting arms to avoid a patient free fall. The lifting arm moves seamlessly up and down the lift mast with the use of a hand held control and the tilt yoke can swivel 360° to help with more difficult lifting situations. The Lexa Pro is equipped with an IBS system (intelligent battery system) to ensure years of trouble-free use.

The base is spreadable into three positions to accommodate all seating types. With the Lexa Pro, a single caregiver can easily perform transfers quickly and easily. With optional hanger bars that come with either clip or loop attachments and with our without a scale, the Lexa Pro is the ideal multi-application floor lift for any environment.

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