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MA-5500 Overbed LED Patient Lighting

Category: OR Lights & LED Headlights | Subcategory: Ceiling Lighting for OR Suites

Skyline MA-5500 Overbed LED Patient Lighting

MA-5500 Overbed LED Patient Lighting

Product ID: MA-5500

Inspired by the aerodynamic shape of an Airplane Wing, the Amico Skyline Series overbed light offers a sleek and elegant design that meets the needs of both the patient and caregiver. Incorporating the latest in LED technology the Skyline light is designed to provide high quality illumination while meeting the aesthetic requirements of the patient room. The Skyline Series light is designed with seam-free surfaces and clean edges that eliminate dust traps and make cleaning easy.

The Skyline Overbed Light offers 4-Way Lighting:

  • Reading Light featuring a soft, glare-free light that is comfortable for the patient when reading and independent of the room’s lighting
  • Examination Light that provides complete patient illumination using reflectors that direct light throughout the area of the bed
  • Ambient Light that lights the area indirectly, giving a glare-free environment
  • LED Night Light which brightens with a diffused light which allows enough light to navigate through a room without disturbing the patient

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