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Human Care Raisa Pro Home

Raisa Pro Home

Product ID: 92502

Electric Sit to Stand Patient Lift

The Raisa Pro is a safe and comfortable standing and transfer aid designed to help patients with some trunk balance and weakened leg muscles. The Raisa Pro features unique motorized adjustable knee supports that can accommodate any size patient and dual wheel casters for easy maneuvering. The footplate is height adjustable and the motorized legs are easy to spread to allow direct access to wheelchair patients.

With its narrow overall width, the Raisa Pro is ideal for smaller spaces, yet holds a maximum weight of up to 606 lbs. It comes complete with a removable 24V battery pack and wall charging device to ensure it is ready to go when needed. Lifting is smooth, comfortable and quick. In emergency situations, the lowering function can either be operated electrically or manually.

The Raisa Pro is the ideal device for those requiring a low-maintenance, durable sit-to-stand option. With rear locking wheels, mast height positioning and a motorized lifting arm, it will help lift or transfer a patient safely, securely and quickly.

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